How To Find the Default Active Ethernet Interface in a Salt State

Posted on Thu 04 February 2016 in Salt • Tagged with how-to, salt, active, default, interface, ethernet, ifconfig, eth0

Commands to run in a Salt state and command line to get the default ethernet interface

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Setting Up Collectd to Use RRD

Posted on Fri 22 January 2016 in ops • Tagged with collectd, rrd, rrdtool, centos

The missing "How-To" on configuring collectd to use rrd

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Adding SSL Certificate to Java Keystore

Posted on Mon 23 November 2015 in Java • Tagged with bash, java, ssl, cert, keystore

How To Add an SSL Cert to the Java Keystore

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Editing The GoCD H2 DB Engine with H2 Shell

Posted on Wed 18 November 2015 in ci • Tagged with go, thoughtworks, gocd, ci, h2db, java

Step-by-step guide to cracking open the H2 db that comes with Thoughtworks' GoCD using the included H2 Shell

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Bash Builtin Override Trick

Posted on Fri 06 November 2015 in Bash • Tagged with bash, builtin, test, echo

Useful Bash trick to help with everyday scripting

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Git Fast-Forward Merges

Posted on Thu 05 November 2015 in Git • Tagged with git, merge, enterprise

Brief discussion about when to use --no-ff or not when merging in Git

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