Reverting Distinct Git Commits

Posted on Mon 10 October 2016 in Git • Tagged with git, bash, gocd

How I got the changes from non-contiguous, discrete Git commits to save someone's bacon

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Using Salt with Python 3 and Pyvenv

Posted on Sun 02 October 2016 in python • Tagged with salt, python, python3, pyvenv, pyvenv-3.5

How to configure Salt to use pyvenv instead of virtualenv.

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The Search for the Perfect Editor

Posted on Thu 11 August 2016 in Tools • Tagged with editor, emacs, vim, atom, sublime, sublimetext, pycharm

Short review and rationale of my editor choices

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How To Find the Default Active Ethernet Interface in a Salt State

Posted on Thu 04 February 2016 in Salt • Tagged with how-to, salt, active, default, interface, ethernet, ifconfig, eth0

Commands to run in a Salt state and command line to get the default ethernet interface

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Setting Up Collectd to Use RRD

Posted on Fri 22 January 2016 in ops • Tagged with collectd, rrd, rrdtool, centos

The missing "How-To" on configuring collectd to use rrd

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Adding SSL Certificate to Java Keystore

Posted on Mon 23 November 2015 in Java • Tagged with bash, java, ssl, cert, keystore

How To Add an SSL Cert to the Java Keystore

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